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May 3rd- Jonathan Stoye
May 4th- Nelson Olstrom
May 10th- Kenny Thompson
May 11th- Todd Aldrich
May 17th- Rick Woods
May 18th- ZIE
May 24th- Clinton Herigstad
May 25th- Keith Menzies
May 31st- Mike Ridley

June Thursday, Friday, Saturday
June 1st- Brian Curran
June 6th- Nelson Olstrom
June 7th- Mike Ridley
June 8th- Jim Akans
June 13th- No Strings Attached
June 14th- Jonathan Stoye
June 15th- Richard John Ausmus Delcamp
June 20th- Kenny Thompson
June 21st- Mike Ridley
June 22nd- Keith Menzies
June 27th- Jonathan Stoye
June 28th- ZIE
June 29th- Rick Woods


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